One-Arm Dead Hangs with the Fingerschinder Balance System
02. March 2021
Find out more about the Fingerschinder Plus design and how to perform one-arm dead hangs with the Fingerschinder Balance System
Back to the Trees / Of Humand Tree-Climbing
02. March 2020
Recently George Brill, an anthropologist from the UK, took Fingerchinder’s pi r2 rings to the Malaysian rainforest on a research expedition to analyse the physiology of the Batek tribe and their incredible tree-climbing ability—the evolutionary root of our species capacity and desire to climb.

Upcycle Pant Bag Inspiration
26. August 2019
Create a bag for your fingerschinder by upcycling a damaged pair of pants.
04. September 2018
DIY Bag for Fingerschinder Mini

23. July 2018
Back in the days I've built my first campus board. Here is what I've learned.
Wardrobe for Climbers
04. February 2018
DIY Instructions for building an environmentally friendly wardrobe.

DIY Pullup Bars
18. August 2017
DIY ideas for making a pullup bar.
08. April 2017
DIY Solution for heel pain.