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Torn Jean
Jean Upcycling

Ratsch! One sound and I knew that it was time to retire one of my favorite pants. Over time the cloth got thinner and thinner at a couple of spots, so stuffing was not a real option anymore. Since I haven't made a bag for my new Fingerschinder + I've decided to make use of the legs to create a simple bag, preventing the wood from dirt while traveling or training outdoors.


The process was very simple, I even sew everything by hand because I had no sewing machine around. Cut off one leg at the length needed + 3 cm on top and 1 cm at the bottom for the seam. Turn it inside out and start with the bottom seam and simply close the leg opening. Continue with the opening of the bag by flipping over the 3 cm, cutting a v shaped opening for the cord at one place and sewing around 2 cm below the lip. By doing so you create a channel for the rope to close the bag. When you are done you can turn it inside out again. You only have to insert a rope into the formed channel and you are done!


I recommend using small pants if you are aiming for a tight fit.

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