Carpenter preparing wood
Tischlerei Fadenberer

Traditional Craftsmanship meets Design

Let me introduce you to the Fingerschinder project, which you can think of as big team with a lot of contributors.

Back in 2011 while I was studying at the "University for Applied Arts Vienna" I was working on a portable training device for climbers, the first one of its kind. One of my teachers, James Skone, always encouraged me to bring my passion for climbing into the design process. At the same time I became a climbing instructor and got in touch with training theory. This time analyzing the user and his needs, which is one of the first stages in the design process, was easy - it was me. On my mind it was clear. I was looking for a versatile, mobile training device with an appealing minimalistic look.

The concept evolved during 2 years of testing more than 12 different prototypes with professional climbers, physiotherapists and other designers. More and more people encouraged me to make the project public, because they shared the same need.


After finalizing the design I started looking for experienced craftsmen who would help making the design ready for series production. Two small highly experienced woodworking-workshops in the countryside of Austria contributed a lot of knowledge and energy. Everything was ready and the first Fingerschinder left the workshop.

Jakob Glasner

 Thank you:

Konrad Fadenberger
Hermann Deutscher

James Skone

Anni Leitner
Peter Leitner
Anna Vollenweyder

Therese Marie Becker

Jack Holmes

Erich Regelsberger
Stefan Lüstenöder

Oliver Dölder

Simon Ederer
Jan Haiko

Matyas Luzan
Julia Hufnagl
Ingrid Gauster
Martin Glasner
Santiago Lena deTerry
Martin Rausch
Ines Stollwitzer
Jakob Greistorfer
Patrick Sommer
Andrea Maruna
Karoline Sinnhuber
Andreas Gruber
Matilda Söderlund
Tiffany Soi

Johanna Färber